Black Box Silm - Nest Cam Case

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Manufacturer Description

Protect Your Camera. Protect Your Home.
Dropcases provide Nest Cam & Dropcam Pro users with a wide range of outdoor and indoor enclosures and accessories

Our cases have been tried and tested by thousands of customers in hundreds of different locations and weather climates, allowing customers to transform their cameras into a diverse home security system.

Nest Cam & Dropcam Pro are the most advance and reliable cameras available for home security, and allow 24/7 live streaming to any device. With this secret hidden camera case, you can keep an eye on your
property from any location in the world without anyone knowing they are on camera!

Fits Your Interior Design
• Small and subtle LED clock which allows you to hide your Nest Cam or Dropcam Pro. Not compatible with the Dropcam HD
• Uses a simple design in order to not arouse suspicion or bring attention to the hidden camera
• Contains a USB connection on the back of the clock, allowing your camera and LED displayto be powered

High Quality Recording
• Stand-by battery included within LED display, keeps the time correct even when clock is unplugged
• Darkening film on the clock's exterior makes it difficult for anyone to see inside the case and allows fully functioning day and night vision high definition video footage
• Provides clear and crisp image quality, and it not affected by the darkening film

Completely Hidden Secret Opening
• Quick and easy 2 minute set-up
• Can be looked at, cleaned, and inspected without anyone finding your Nest Cam

Product Features

KEEP YOUR CAMERA HIDDEN: A secret box disguised as a digital clock to conceal your Nest Cam or Dropcam Pro, allowing you to set-up a hidden camera which no one will suspect. IMPOSSIBLE TO DETECT: The clock is fitted with advanced one-sided darkening film, similar to blacked out car windows, so that your camera can see but can't be seen. Use your camera cable to power both the LED clock and camera at the same time so people simply see a normal digital clock. NIGHT VISION MODE: Fully IR-permeable darkening film means that the day and night vision will work 100%. The red IR lights projected from the camera during night vision mode are disguised by the LED clock display. MODERN & STYLISH: Design based on a popular style of digital clocks to help prevent any suspicions being raised. Uses a discreet secret opening located at the bottom of the clock which can only be removed using the included suction cup and isn't noticeable even by someone cleaning or inspecting the case. INSTANT FOOTAGE: Displaying a 12hr digital clock or a calendar date, this case turns your Nest Cam or Dropcam Pro into the best hidden camera on the market, with a live feed which can be watched from any phone, computer and device in the world.

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