DSLR Camera: Equipment and Exposure: #50 Tips on how to get the Best out of your Camera

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Have you taken an image which you thought looked amazing, but when you review it on your camera…not so much?!

My camera is extremely clever, no doubt about that. Technically superior to my brain I think, but it’s still inferior to my eyes. The camera takes a 3D scene and converts it into 2D. What I need to do is to understand how the camera does this.
If I understand that I can start to control what it captures. I had no idea that I actually had much more control over the photo outcome than I originally thought.

This ebook takes you through those two mains elements of your camera; the equipment and the science (often referred to as the exposure).

Tips #1-44 Section 1 - Discover your Camera: Camera Equipment

I heard someone say that you can have all the gear but no idea, and that stuck with me. This section will take you through key things to look out for when purchasing camera equipment and accessories.
Perhaps you already have a camera; does your camera really have the capability to take the amazing shots that the books and blogs tell you that you can achieve? Well now you can find out.

- The camera body and sensor
- Image formats
- Lenses and filters
- Tripods
- Storage and batteries
- Photo filing and sharing
- Caring for your camera.

The most common mistake is to buy too much too soon; the solution often isn’t a new gadget but new awareness. Don’t panic when the next big thing is on the market, you really don’t need the top equipment in order to take amazing photos.

Word of warning here – I’m not going to tell you which is the best camera make and model to buy. That changes so frequently, but I will give you the tools to recognise what you do and don’t need when you read the product descriptions.

Tips #55-73 Section 2 - Get Off AUTO: Basic Techniques

Now you have the equipment. It’s time to get technical. In order to really allow yourself to really get creative with your camera, you first have to understand at least a little of the science.

This no-nonsense section takes you through the basic technical concepts in order for you to know your way around your camera. I have read many, many books on this subject and I can safely say that not one of the books I read gave me all of the information that I’m about to give you in the following text. I had to take each learning and slowly piece it together; it took me a long time to build up a picture of how the camera settings work and gain confidence in order to be able to manually adjust the settings for myself.

- Camera modes (P, Tv, Av, M, B)
- Shutter, aperture and exposure
- Depth of field
- Hyperfocal focusing
- White balance
- Histograms

I don’t get too technical here – I only cover what you actually need to know, not what you don’t.

Is this ebook right for you? Will it give you the photography help you need? Take a glimpse inside the first few pages - if you like what you see, then go ahead and buy!

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