DSLR Camera: Equipment, Exposure and Creative Techniques ebook Bundle: #100 Tips to Super-charge Your DSLR Camera Skills

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Have you taken an image which you thought looked amazing, but when you review it on your camera…not so much?!

That wasn’t the image I thought I was capturing!

I have taken too many photos had a bright sky and black foreground, or a light foreground and white sky – and those are the ones that were in focus!

It was a very frustrating journey at first, I didn’t realise that I actually had much more control over the photo than I originally thought.

I realised that I had to think like my camera first, before I could think about creatively capturing images.

What do I mean by that?

Well, my camera is extremely clever, no doubt about that. Technically superior to my brain I think, but it’s still inferior to my eyes. The camera takes a 3D scene and converts it into 2D. So what I need to do is to understand how the camera does this. If I understand that I can start to control what it captures. From there, I can get creative!

This ebook bundle covers four sections which relate to the four main steps I went through in order to go from novice to pro:

Discover your Camera: Camera Equipment
Maximise your current and future investments in your camera and accessories. Get comfortable and confident with the equipment that you own and know that your photography isn't suffering because of your equipment. The most common mistake is to buy too much too soon; the solution often isn’t a new gadget but new awareness. Don’t panic when the next big thing is on the market, you really don’t need the top equipment in order to take amazing photos.

Get Off AUTO: Basic Techniques
Camera modes, shutter, aperture, exposure, ISO, depth of field, hyperfocal focusing, white balance and histograms. This no-nonsense section takes you through the basic technical concepts in order for you to know your way around your camera. Clear up common misconceptions and understand how you can set up your camera in order to capture the best of your subjects.

How to take a Good Photo: Photographic Guidelines
This section considers what you actually need to consider in order to take a good photograph from a compositional standpoint. We’ll go through some standard photography guidelines, highlight how different compositions and viewpoints can dramatically change how people view your photo, and also consider what message you’re trying to portray with your photo. What’s the story?

Get Creative: Creative Techniques
Freezing action and blur, close-up and bokeh, the golden hour, black and white, high/low key, silhouette, infrared, night shots, traffic trails, fireworks, light graffiti, star trails, the milky way, high dynamic range, time lapse, smoke and high speed photography, panoramic, focus stacking and panning photography, just to name a few!

Is this ebook right for you? Will it give you the photography help you need? Take a glimpse inside the first few pages - if you like what you see, then go ahead and buy.

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